Why You Should Hire a 3rd Party Nurse Staffing Agency
There is a constant need for new health care workers throughout the sector. If you're a hospital, practice or an organization that needs help with nurse recruitment, it's a good idea to use a professional and experienced third-party nurse staffing agency that specializes in your area. We have the pool of top-level employees you need to fill the gaps.

You Need A Staffing Agency That Can Handle Your PRN Needs

Medical companies and staffing agencies undergo a staffing process at some point in time. Regardless of a company’s effort to keep its core employees, some medical personnel moves out either to find a new career or to pursue better health care job opportunities elsewhere.

Nurse staffing challenges most medical and nurse staffing agencies because of the stress of finding the right people for the organization. While there are many healthcare workers to occupy healthcare staffing, only a few pass the requirements and standards of most health care companies. Nurse staffing means more than just search people for the position. The staffing process requires a thorough screening and interview process to ensure the best prospects for the job.

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters is also a nurse staffing agency that provides a wide range of nurse staffing services from travel nurse staffing services to interim nurse leaders. Our goal is to connect you to the largest and best-certified nurse staffing candidates in the United States.

As one of the largest suppliers of licensed nurses, Proactive Healthcare provides staffing solutions to many healthcare organizations. We carefully search in our diverse pool of nurse staffing candidates to guarantee that they meet your expectations. At Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, you can rest assured because all of our candidates are certified, extremely capable and have years of experience in the field of health services. 

Here are some of our nurse staffing services and specialties:

  • Traditional travel nurse staffing
  • Home care nurse staffing
  • Permanent staff nurses for your medical company
  • Temporary nurse staffing
  • Per-diem nurse placement
  • Interim nurse leaders
  • International nursing opportunities

The best thing about our healthcare workers is their readiness to work. We don’t provide nurses who are not highly trained, qualified, and ready to engage in the workforce. Although including quick training would be nice for your new medical employees, our nurses are highly qualified for the job and do not require basic training. Our goal is to provide clinical companies with a solution that is both short-term and long-term. Overall, our nurse staffing service will show immediate impact and can provide leave long-term benefits.

Our innovative solution meets the staffing needs of most hospitals and healthcare facilities in the country. We do more than just help you with the staffing process. The company provides long-term solutions to make sure you retain your medical staff to avoid undergoing the same process in the future. Most importantly, we offer a full range of qualified medical professionals ready to meet your staffing needs. Our medical staffing solutions are cost-effective. For Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, our main objective is to help healthcare agencies undergoing the staffing process to identify, recruit, and retain the best nurses that fit the needs of their work culture and medical team.

Unlike other medical staff recruiting agencies, we do not wait for applicants to check our company out. We have the finest healthcare professionals eager to work hand-in-hand with your team. With many years of management experience under our belt, we know how difficult it is for a medical company to rebuild its nursing staff. Proactive Healthcare Recruiters are here to help as soon as you call, or email us. Contact us today and learn more about our nurse staffing services.


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At Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, we help our clients find the right people to help them reach their personal and professional goals

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