The Nursing Faculty Shortage: Why College Nursing Departments are Desperate for RNs

The Nursing Faculty Shortage is a National Problem Exacerbated by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

College nursing departments struggle to find qualified RNs to teach their students, and many have resorted to online education to fill the gap. This has led to a decline in the quality of nursing education and a shortage of qualified nurses to care for patients in hospitals and other settings.

There Are Many Reasons For The Nursing Faculty Shortage.

The pandemic has worsened the problem, as many RNs have left the workforce to care for sick family members or have been laid off due to hospital closures. Also, the aging population of RNs, retirements and a lack of interest in teaching among younger RNs has added to this shortage. Many newer nurses are more interested in travel nurse positions.

The Nursing Faculty Shortage Is a Serious Problem That Needs To Be Addressed.

College nursing departments must find ways to attract and retain qualified RNs, and the government should provide financial incentives for those who choose to enter the teaching profession. We can only ensure that our nurses are properly prepared to care for patients and meet the healthcare system’s demands by addressing the nursing faculty shortage. Open nursing jobs are abundant, and the not enough nurses.

Nursing Has Long Been Considered One of the Most In-demand and Rewarding Careers.

What happens when there simply aren’t enough nurses to fill open positions? This is the current dilemma facing La Junta, CO, where a nursing faculty shortage makes it difficult to train new nurses. The good news is that there are ways to combat this shortage, and with a little effort, we can ensure that every future registered nurse enrolled in a nursing program will be able to receive the training they need. Here’s how you can help!

Are You a Qualified Registered Nurse Interested in Teaching?

If you’re a registered nurse interested in teaching quality nursing care and want to move forward in your nursing profession, contact your local college or university and inquire about open nursing faculty positions. Come teach at our school and help us educate the next generation of nurses! We need your passion and expertise to help us solve this problem. Many schools are desperate for qualified nurses to fill these roles, and you may be able to negotiate a salary that meets your needs. You can also look into online nursing programs, which can be a great way to get your education while still working full-time.

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