Technology and the Changing Face of Healthcare and Healthcare Staffing

Ten years ago Marion Jones would have been in a nursing home. With some heart problems and COPD, it’s difficult for her to get around and to get a lot of her own home chores taken care of. In addition, some of her healthcare requires some expertise that until a few years ago was not available in the home. Today, she lives at home at age 79, assisted in her care by a home health aide and a visiting nurse who brings with her a wide range of technology that assists in Mazy’s care.

Today a visiting nurse can visit their home and assisted by Internet of Things devices such as blood pressure cuffs and other items that register a BP and blood glucose as well as O2 saturation online, Marion can stay at home and have the answers to how she is doing on a day to day basis.

Medication monitors tell her when a given medication is running out and even connected scales tell her doctors and nurses when she has gained a few pounds and may need to have her fluid retention checked.

IoT is touching our lives in nearly everything that we do but no-where is it more apparent and more effective than in-home health care. Between 2010 and 2040 projections are that more than 88 million people will reach the age of 70. The need for senior care or home health care will be greater than ever before.

Home Helpers and Direct Link founder Fernand Sarrat says that “Facilities such as nursing homes and, increasingly, assisted living facilities, tend to require adherence to schedules and usually offer less privacy and a lower quality of living. Patients’ contact with caregivers like nurses is limited. Financially, home health care is less expensive than live-in facilities for similar one-to-one service levels.”

For older Americans, home health care offers myriad benefits, not the least of which that it is easier to do toilet care, bathing in the home is more simply accomplished, they can enjoy cooking and they can enjoy family and companionship. It is proving to be the best way to manage elderly people and to give them a full measure of independence.

For nurses, home healthcare is one of the best and most fulfilling work environments they can become involved in. if you’ve ever considered a home health care environment we can help. Find the job of your dreams at Proactive Healthcare Recruiters.



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