You have probably heard the phrase “contingent search”. What actually happens in a contingent search is the recruiter throws up an ad on a resume website like and sits back for stacks of resumes to roll in. People that are desperate for a job that will say anything to get their foot in the door. You are looking for the best right?

Meet the Proactive Search. We use various resources and tools to identify the right people for your team. As Jim Collins put it “you need the right people on the bus before you drive the bus anywhere.” With the absolute right people plugged in to your team, you will not only have an All-star team player but your organization will save money in the long haul from less turnover. That long-term, dedicated employee will bring countless value to your team. They will live your values and meet all the goals you set for them. With an A-team player you can win every time.

If you would like for us to be Proactive for you and find an A-team player that will be the best in the industry and perfect for your team, fill out the form below and a Proactive team member will call you within the next 2 hours guaranteed:

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