Engaged Search and Recruiting

We Believe in the Power of Engaged Search to Help Companies Achieve their Goals

We Provide for Growth

Engaged search can help to  give you the kind of talent that you need to create growth  to remain relevant to your market.

We Encourage Development

Technology is becoming faster, smaller, and less expensive and is having a major impact on healthcare recruiting.

We Get Results

From temporary staffing to permanent home healthcare and hospice recruiting, PCG Recruiters get results.

Engaged Search

In a very competitive market is is imperative that you find and use the talent necessary to boost your company and make the company a more competitive part of the market place. In order to find that talent an engaged search is your best option.

When you are using an engaged search, you are getting a commitment from your search agency that you are their top priority. The engaged search works solely for the benefit of the client company and not the candidate although of course finding the right candidate, who is a great fit, is more than necessary.

When you are seeking the best and most effective search firm for your company consider using the search firm that evaluates every facet of your company and takes a hard look at both your interviewing and hiring process. The right engaged search company will spend all the time necessary to educate themselves on who you are and what you need. They will take pride in giving you the best that they have to offer.


We take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently see quality candidates who make valuable company assets

James Pemberton, CEO of Proactive Healthcare Recruiters

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