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At Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, we provide physician recruiting and physician assistant recruiting services for leading healthcare facilities. As one of the top physician recruiting firms in the country, we use smart physician recruiting strategies to help hiring managers fill their empty positions.

Whether you’re a small healthcare organization or a large institution employing thousands of people, our physician recruiting strategies can help keep your healthcare facility fully staffed and functioning at full efficiency.

Why Choose Proactive Healthcare Recruiters?

Physician and Physician Assistant recruitment is what we do best. You don’t have to be an expert on hiring and recruiting when you’re working with an agency like Proactive Healthcare Recruiters. We’ll walk you through the process to ensure that you get the physicians and physician assistants you need to provide the best patient care.

Smart Negotiation Strategies for Physician Recruiting

There’s an art to physician recruiting and physician assistant recruiting. The negotiation process is sensitive. It takes an experienced professional to close the deal and ensure that both parties get what they need.

When you hire the professionals from Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, you’ve hired a neutral third party who can help ensure that your healthcare facility has the best physicians. We also help ensure that the physician or physician assistant you’ve hired also meets their own goals. That helps with retention! When you hire our physician recruiting services, you’re working with one of the top physician recruiting firms in your area. We know how to get the job done.

Database of Experienced Physicians and Physician Assistants

We maintain a database of experienced physicians and physician assistants. Our database tracks their years of experience, areas of specialty, availability, geographic location, salary needs, and more. When you use our physician recruiting services, you’re hiring one of the largest physician recruiting firms, with a full database of healthcare professionals.

We maintain our database to ensure that our healthcare customers get the candidates they need as soon as possible. We know how important it is to fill your positions quickly, because the lives of your patients may be depending on quality healthcare from qualified physicians and PAs.

Soft and Hard Skills Match

Your healthcare facility needs physicians that match your requirements. We track all soft and hard skills for all of our physician assistants and physician candidates so that when your facility calls our agency for assistance, we can be sure we’ve got the right candidates for you. Our skills matching ability makes physician recruiting easy.

Simple Physician Recruiting Process, Easy Recruitment for You

We know how important it is for you to have a simple physician recruiting process. That’s why we’ve designed our recruiting process to be simple for all of our clients. We’re the recruiting experts – let us do the work for you. Proactive Healthcare Recruiters make recruiting easy for candidates and easy for your healthcare facility.

That’s one of the reasons why our system works: the efficiency with which candidates find positions is one of the reasons that we’re able to attract the most qualified candidates for our available positions. Physicians and physician assistants who want to work come to us because they know we can help them find the best healthcare jobs, as quickly as possible. We have jobs that range from primary care to hospital positions, and we serve candidates and facilities in the following service areas currently:

Our Physician Recruiting and Physician Assistant Recruiting Process

Do you need the leading physicians for your healthcare facility? Need help with your physician recruiting and physician assistant recruiting efforts? The professionals at Proactive Healthcare Recruiters can help.

Vet Physicians and Physician Assistants

We start by vetting the best physicians and physician assistants in your local area. We’re one of the largest physician recruiting firms around, staffed by the best recruiters available, so we have no trouble getting the best physicians to come to us seeking a job. Our courteous, professional recruiters work all day interviewing and seeking the best physicians and physician assistants for our available positions.

Maintain the Database of Experienced Physicians and Physician Assistants

Once we’ve interviewed a candidate and have determined that they’re a good fit for our organization, we put that physician or physician assistant in our database. Our recruiters keep close tabs on all of our physicians and PAs because we need to know who is available to work, when, and what their schedule is.

We’re constantly updating our database so that it’s got the latest information on which candidates have found jobs. That means you’ll only get referred candidates who are actively searching for a position.


Respond to Your Healthcare Recruiting Needs

Once your healthcare facility has contacted Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, we take down all the information about your available positions. If you aren’t already actively working with one of our recruiters for another position, you’ll make contact with one of our recruiters to describe your needs and set up the job.

Next, your recruiter will turn to our database and start referring candidates! Once we’ve found a good match for your available positions, we’ll negotiate the salary and all the details of the job, so that you and the physician or physician assistant candidate will be happy with the placement.

Are You A Candidate? Contact Us

Are you a physician or physician assistant seeking a physician recruiting firm to help with your upcoming job search? Contact Proactive Healthcare Recruiters to learn more about our available positions. We’re happy to help you find the right position! We work with some of the best healthcare facilities available and can help you in your job search.

Are You An Employer? Get Started Today

If you’re an employer seeking some of the best available physicians and physician assistants in your area, we can help you find the right candidates for your positions. Our physician recruiting and physician assistant recruiting services are here to help. Call Proactive Healthcare Recruiters today to get started!

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