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Hospice and home care providers are doing their utmost to deliver the best quality that they can all across the nation. Increasing the employee retention and providing quality care along with better financial success, superior training, better run branches, and much-improved outcomes– these are your goals for your company.

Home Healthcare Recruiters will help you by assisting in the management of your employee & talent retention. This can significantly reduce your costs and help grow your hospice or home care company exponentially. We can offer you targeted and pinpointed services that will be designed to showcase the information that you need to motivate, attract, and retain both current and future staff.

Home care and hospice is a competitive world and anything that can reduce your costs should be taken into consideration at the least. This is why Home Healthcare Recruiters has created a division of specialists and trained consultants.


What is Employment Branding?

Employment branding usually refers to the methods an organization employs to appeal to prospective employees, current employees, as well as the investment community as an excellent place to work. The marketing efforts often use both internet and print tactics to shape perceptions.

Traditionally, companies have been concentrating on consumer-focused branding, advertising, marketing and sales to increase their profits. Admittedly, these tools have for some time led to the success of institutions and companies. However, having a strong consumer brand isn’t the only way to improve an organization’s bottom line. There are industries such as the healthcare industry that require a talented, skilled, and dedicated employment force more and, therefore, have to pay particular attention to creating, branding, and marketing a reputable and attractive employment culture.

For starters, companies that have stronger employment brands attract highly skilled and quality talent more easily, hire more selectively, and feature a lower cost-per-hire than institutions with unappealing employment brands.

Many talent recruitment agencies are unanimous that it can cost upwards of twice an employee’s salary to replace a mid-level employee. For instance, if a manager was earning $50,000, it might cost the organization upwards of $140,000 if the individual leaves and the company has to hunt for a new hire. The cost can be even higher if an employee is dissatisfied with your company even if they do not actually bail out. There are many other hidden costs, and they include possible loss of intellectual property, morale, knowledge of system, denting of market reputation as a result of ill-talk and negative reviews from disgruntled former employees, as well as loss of brand equity and trust from vendors. While it is almost impossible to quantify some of these harms, they are real and very costly.

So, then, what is the solution? It’s been reported that in order to surmount recruitment hurdles, most healthcare employers have resorted to their employer brands to draw prospective and current employees to buy into their unique cultures. There is a growing body of research showing that mission-driven companies have about thirty percent higher levels of innovation and about forty percent more levels of talent retention.

It is now a foregone conclusion that employing a shared mission coupled with a vision-setting culture is what creates an excellent and attractive employer brand. That means the company should be alive to the experiences, dreams, and aspirations of its employees and provide rich recruitment content as well as a raft of solutions to employee problems – and by doing so, they’ll make applicants want to relate to the institution and contribute to its eventual success.

It is unfortunate that most healthcare (nursing and residential) facilities operate on a hamstring budget- they do not have large budgets or high public profiles. That behooves them to get creative in the process of establishing brand recognition and recruiting quality talent. The trick
is in meeting people where they are – incentivizing, rewarding, and communicating to present and prospective employees in a way that makes them feel valued and wanted in the organization. Better still, you can procure the services of an Employment Branding Company and see them build you an attractive Employment Brand.

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