Projected Growth in CBD, Medical, and Recreational Marijuana Jobs 2022

Projected Growth in CBD Medical Marijuana Jobs

As marijuana legalization spreads throughout the United States, more jobs are becoming available in the CBD (Cannabidiol), medical, and recreational marijuana industries. These industries expect to see significant growth in the next few years as more states legalize adults’ recreational use of marijuana. If you’re interested in joining this growing field, here are some things to consider about the cannabis business.

It’s a rapidly growing and booming industry

Marijuana is an industry to consider if you’re looking for a stable career with plenty of growth opportunities. According to a recent report by Leafly, the CBD, medical, and recreational marijuana industries expect to create nearly 300,000 jobs by 2022. This is an incredible growth compared to other sectors, and it’s only likely to increase as more states legalize marijuana.

There are a variety of positions available in the CBD, medical, and recreational marijuana industries, from entry-level jobs like budtenders, trimmers, and delivery drivers to more advanced roles like dispensary managers and master growers. No matter your skillset or experience level, there’s likely a position in this industry that’s a good fit for you.

The growth in these industries is due to the legalization of marijuana across the country

As more and more states legalize marijuana, the demand for CBD, medical, and recreational marijuana products is increasing, resulting in a boom in the cannabis job market as businesses scramble to keep up with the demand. If you’re interested in getting involved in this industry, now is the time to do it.

There are various ways to get involved in the CBD, medical, and recreational marijuana industries. You could start your own business, invest in an existing company, or even get a job at a dispensary or grow operation. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll be part of an industry that’s experiencing incredible growth.

CBD, medical, and recreational marijuana jobs come with a lot of benefits

Not only are CBD, medical, and recreational marijuana jobs projected to be some of the country’s most stable and well-paying jobs, but they also come with many other benefits. For example, many companies in these industries offer flexible hours, which is perfect for students or people with other commitments.

Additionally, many jobs in these industries offer the opportunity to work remotely, a huge perk. And, of course, let’s not forget the most obvious benefit: you get to work with marijuana all day!

Engaged Headhunters is diving into this market soon and will become one of the top cannabis industry recruiters. So, stay tuned for new and exciting cannabis industry job openings as we build our dispensary and cannabis job board and take your cannabis career to the next level!

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