What to Look For When Retaining A Recruiter

As a healthcare company owner, you understand that finding the perfect practitioner for your organization is not easy, especially when looking for specialty medical staff. Searching for the perfect candidate limits you to a smaller local area with similar strengths and talents. The best way to go about it is by engaging a medical staffing agency that gives you a wider variety of choices. Still, finding the right medical staffing can be tasking.

Here are five factors to consider:

Engage a specialized medical  agency

When looking to hire a medical staffing agency, look for one that specializes in the type of personnel that you need. Generalized or non-specialized firms work with a broad variety of candidates, and finding someone with the specific skills and qualifications you are looking for may be more difficult. It might also take longer than you had anticipated compared to working with a firm that is focused entirely on your field.

Additionally, specialized medical staffing agencies have a better sense of the candidate marketplace in your industry and within your geographic area. This ensures that they effectively evaluate a candidate’s experience and skills to ensure their clients get a good match the first time, saving you time and money.

What is their reputation?

Anyone in business knows how important word of mouth is when it comes to the success of a company. Third party sentiments are essential if you are looking for unbiased truth. Hence, before hiring a medical staffing agency, take the time to review their website, and do not just depend on the testimonials. Consider following up with the people quoted in the agency’s testimonial section.

Also, do not forget about the power of the internet. You can search for what is being said about a medical staffing agency online.

Here, you will get honest opinions from managers and administrators of healthcare facilities like yours. These people will be able to give you first-hand information about how the agency carries out its business beyond its “About Us” section of their website.

Take screening seriously

If a company’s reputation online is good, and previous clients have left favorable reviews, then you should move to the next major step which is to find out as much as you can about their screening and credentialing processes. You can do this by visiting their premises in person or calling them to find out how they carry out these operations. The way they qualify the healthcare professionals directly affects your patient’s care. This is without a doubt, a guiding factor in your selection process.

As you read through the materials and ask in-depth questions about the organization’s screening process, keep your eyes and ears open for further quality care verifications. This includes their yearly evaluation performance reviews, and compliance with joint commission’s premium standards, which are regularly updated to reflect the rapid advances in medicine and healthcare.

A broad range of partners

There are many potential candidates to fill the vacant position in your company that you may not even know about because they are not active in the job market. They may be a passive candidate or just professionals who are very particular about the jobs they apply for. An excellent medical staffing agency, however, thanks to the many networks it develops, will very often know these people.

Some of the most reputable medical staffing agencies have a wide array of partners. These companies have affiliated with different organizations to boost your chances of hiring the perfect candidate for the position. This network is often something in-house hiring teams are unaware of.

Weigh fees vs. costs

As a client, there are charges associated with hiring a medical staffing agency. However, with the right firm, the overall value of working with a staffing agency is typically a net saving for you. This is because finding qualified, and skilled workers can be time-consuming, and by turning the process over to medical staffing experts, you save time and money. Additionally, the most reputable medical staffing firms are likely to offer a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the employee, the company is willing and ready to identify a replacement.

When working with a staffing agency, it is crucial that you communicate your goals and needs every step of the way. This way, you will be in the best possible position to maximize your working relationship with them.

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