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A job of your choice, a work environment that’s perfectly suited for you, and a pay package that does justice with your skills – what more could you possibly need? We’ll tell you.

We’ll place you in a company where you can efficiently practice your occupational therapist skills. On top of it, we offer the following things.

  • Nurture you according to the job’s and company’s requirements.
  • Help you polish and improve your skills by providing honest and regular feedback.
  • Provide a high touch recruiting method that allows us to engage with you at every step and fulfill all your requirements.
  • Post-offer engagement.

That means we don’t stop when an employer hires you. We stick with you until you settle there and become the best at what you do. Perhaps this is the offer you can’t refuse. Read on to see the job description, required skills, and compensation package.

Sports Based Occupational Therapist

As a sports-based occupational therapist, you will be responsible for evaluating a patient’s sensory, cognitive, and motor skills and prescribe occupational treatments to the respective patients.

On the whole, you will be expected to perform the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Conduct an initial assessment and evaluation of the assigned patients’ occupational therapy needs.
  • Provide awareness to patients regarding adaptive equipment and other treatments required to assist them with their physical activity.
  • Create rehabilitation programs for patients and refer them to rehabilitation centers to help them regain their skills.
  • Develop a therapy plan for patients using appropriate OT assessment tools and methods to accurately determine the patient’s status.
  • Assist multi-disciplinary teams in executing the proper OT treatment plans for respective patients.
  • Acquire professional knowledge and maintain technical progress to enhance your OT practice.
  • Comply with the standard certification requirements.
  • Review medical charts to inquire about necessary information about the patient and suggest an appropriate OT treatment plan.
  • Plan and complete all the required documentation in the medical chart.

In addition to the above, you’ll also be responsible for completing all the paperwork for patient care and reimbursements.

Skills and Qualifications Required from an Occupational Therapist

Like every profession, an occupational therapist requires a blend of hard and soft skills to have an exceptional career profile. Other than that, they need to gain formal occupational therapy education to pursue their practice.

We require you to have the following skills and qualifications.

  • Bachelor’s degree program in occupational therapy.
  • Clifton, NJ Occupational Therapy License or temporary permit.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Candidates having a doctorate will be given an additional edge over others.
  • Specialized knowledge in physical therapy and other OT treatments.

Above all, candidates having CHT training will be preferred.

Apart from the basic academic requirement, you are encouraged to seek certifications for therapists and additional training programs to attain a competitive edge.

Sports-based Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapist License-NYS, NJ 70-85k Full Time Clifton, NJ, United States

Careers in Occupational Therapy

Sports-based Occupational Therapist Jobs

What is the Average Salary of an Occupational Therapist?

On average, an occupational therapist in the United States earns $75,816 every year.

However, we’re providing you with an opportunity to earn between $70-85K/year. This is an estimated amount that will be finalized upon conducting a formal interview with you.

The employer will determine your base salary package based on your experience and the quality of occupational therapy services you provide.

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Careers in Occupational Therapy

Sports-based Occupational Therapist Jobs



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