Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs Near Kingsford, USA

A skilled nursing facility in Kingsford, Michigan, has opened its doors for a highly qualified licensed practical nurse to provide top-tier patient care.

This opportunity will take the final candidate to Dickinson County, one of the best places to live in all of Michigan. Kingsford itself has some of the best public schools in the whole state. Moreover, the city offers many diverse and friendly people and plenty of communal activities to enjoy every season.

Licensed Practical Nurse Salary

Most people rave about how safe Kingsford is. Add to that the Upper Peninsula’s natural beauty, and you won’t find a better place to live than right here.

The timing couldn’t better for you to consider a step-up in your career. With Proactive Healthcare Recruiters guiding you along the whole way with a variety of services, you’ll be packing your bags to move out to Kingsford very soon.

Here’s how we help candidates make the journey towards a positive shift in their careers.

  • Professional coaching all through the interviewing process
  • Feedback and consultation on how best to improve your skills
  • Detailed explanation on the exact needs of the facility to better align you to your future role.
  • Post-offer engagement.

We will stay with you from beginning to end to make sure you meet all your future employers’ requirements. Not only do we help prepare you for the hiring process itself, but we will also personally see to it that you have no difficulty settling into your new role.

A person is only as good as the environment around them. It won’t do for an exceptionally talented candidate to suffer when they’re starting because they’re distracted by their new surroundings. That’s why we support you until well after you’ve gotten the job.

Please take a look at the job description to see it falls in line with your capabilities.

Job Description for Licensed Practical Nurses

As a licensed practical nurse, various tasks will put on your shoulders. From patient care to junior nurse training. Here’s what a day-to-day schedule would like for you.

  • Monitor vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, and pulse.
  • Ensure the patients and comfortable and provide bedside care.
  • Nurse wounds and collects all manner of samples for tests.
  • Supervise the rest of the nursing staff.

Beyond that, you’ll work closely with licensed physicians and registered nurses to administer prescription medication and explain all the medical procedures to the patient and their family.

Of course, patient care and patient contact are two very different things. Getting people to trust you enough to listen and cooperate is not as easy as it seems. That said, a few extra tricks up your sleeve will be a great help when dealing with a specifically stubborn patient.

Read below for the generally desired skills amongst LPN’s.

Skills Required from Licensed Practical Nurses

A doctor reviews an ill person and prescribes a dose or shot or pill, and then it falls on an LPN to make sure the medication is administered at the right time to the right person in the right amount. Its massive responsibility that can be made easier by your patent abilities.

Cross-check the list below for a rough idea of the kinds of things that’ll help you along the way.

  • Excellent social skills.
  • Strong moral compass.
  • Kind demeanor to earn patient trust.
  • Excellent time management and multi-tasking skills.
  • Strong decision-making skills.

These skills can significantly increase your chances of getting the job, although bear in mind, it isn’t an all-or-nothing situation. They’re called skills because they aren’t innate, so you can trust yourself to learn and improve on them even after you’ve got the job.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity simply because you don’t check all the boxes. There’s a big chance your unique skill set is exactly what this facility needs.

Educational Requirements of Licensed Practical Nurses

As we’ve said above, there are no defined parameters for skill set, education on the other hand; different matter entirely. Unfortunately, you can’t go on if you fall short on this list. Therefore, make sure you have the required certifications, and you’ll be all set.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
  • CPR certification
  • Valid LPN license in the state
  • Work experience

A thing of note is while all the degrees and licenses are a definite necessity, you can get away with no working experience. Besides, should you choose to take up this offer, we’ll be around to provide you all the needed training. Hence, you’re not going to lose too many points over the experience bit.

Career Opportunity for Licensed Practical Nurse

Start your career as a Licensed Practical Nurse

Salary and Benefits

Should you get this job, you’ll be looking at around $50,000 a year. Of course, there is room for growth here. A highly skilled LPN can earn an average of a little over $60,000 annually.

However, the exact details of your contract will be decided by the employers after reviewing your resume. That includes added benefits such as health insurance and paid leave etc.

Why You Should Choose Proactive Healthcare Recruiters

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters view every candidate as a personal project. Our goal is to ensure a candidate’s true potential is met by analyzing how well their skills gel together with an employer’s requirements.

We are an executive research firm that spends time and effort understanding every candidate’s individuality. Their education, expertise, and experience allow us to find the best opportunities available to bring them a step higher in their careers.

On top of that, our unique placements test identifies candidates’ personality traits that would make them especially suitable for a specific position in a certain kind of environment to help them flourish.

Countless people have found their dream jobs thanks to our training and consultations. They continue to improve and excel in their fields even today, so make the most of this opportunity now.

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Career Opportunity for Licensed Practical Nurse

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