Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs Near Dowagiac, Michigan

A nursing facility in Dowagiac, Michigan, calls for a skilled and experienced Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to administer medical staff and look after patients.

Dowagiac, a town in Cass County, Michigan, is populated with 5,779 residents. Its dense suburban feel, peaceful streets, and delightful outdoor life enhance the aura of this place. Furthermore, the town has many businesses, healthcare facilities, and friendly neighborhoods to attract families. Other than that, the recreational parks, lakes, restaurants, an outdoor theatre, and libraries add a beautiful hum to this town’s life.

licensed practical nurse educational requirements

All in all, it’s an amazing place to live and work.

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Licensed Practical Nurse – Job Description

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, you’ll be expected to perform the following duties during your tenure.

  • Provide bedside care – the utmost priority of LPN is to ensure that the patients are comfortable, well cared for, and taking the prescribed medicines on time.
  • Administer paperwork – they must update medical charts, document therapeutic effects on patients, and regulate patients’ medications as per the physician’s advice.
  • Take vital signs – check pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and patient temperature in emergencies.
  • Administer injections – they must prepare and administer injections, enemas, cannulas, etc., whenever needed.
  • Assist residents – complete all the paperwork, including patient vitals, input/output charting, and brief history for the ward resident. Other than that, they must assist residents in conducting ward rounds.
  • Sample collection – they must send blood samples to labs and collect reports at the earliest possible time.
  • Wound care – maintain the cleanliness of wound dressing.
  • Train nursing staff – administer and tutor nursing staff and students.

In addition to everything above, an LPN must answer patients’ queries regarding their medical care and medication.

Licensed Practical Nurse – Skills and Qualifications

The job of a licensed practical nurse is demanding and crucial. Therefore, the candidates applying for this job post need to have a mix of hard and soft skills and the required qualifications to perform well.

The candidate should have the following qualifications to apply for this job.

  • CPR certification
  • Current LPN License in the Michigan
  • A degree from an accredited LPN program
  • Staff training

You can start your career by completing LPN training, earning a license, and entering the workplace. However, to excel in your career, you can always seek additional training for wider employment opportunities.

Having formal education helps you learn the conventional methods of performing a task but acquiring the necessary skill set will help you accomplish your tasks.

The following skills are expected from an LPN during their daily routine duties.

  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Compassionate and friendly demeanor
  • Leadership skills
  • Composed conduct in emergencies
  • Ward management skills
  • Excellent communication skills

LPNs carry a massive weight of responsibility on their shoulders and are bound to comply with the organization’s rules and obligations. They should perform their duties with complete honesty and practice the right way, not the quickest way.

Furthermore, they should stay within the scope of practice and apply what they’ve learned during their training or previous jobs.

Career Opportunity for Licensed Practical Nurse

Start your career as Licensed Practical Nurse Near Dowagiac, Michigan, United States

How Much Does a Licensed Practical Nurse Earn

A licensed practical nurse’s average base salary is $47,437 per year and $7,750 overtime per year.

However, depending on their expertise, qualifications, and experience, they can earn more or less than this estimated figure.

Other than a passive income, LPNs can enjoy much more benefits, including 401 (k), health insurance, license reimbursement, relocation assistance, and more.

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Career Opportunity for Licensed Practical Nurse

Start your career as Licensed Practical Nurse Near Dowagiac, Michigan, United States



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