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Executive Career Coach

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters offers a certified executive career coach to help you or your organization make the best-informed decision when determining the next organization you impact OR hiring a leader who will impact your organization.

What We Do?

We have a unique five-step process to comprehensively understand various personalities, helping C-suite level professionals and healthcare organizations build, maintain, and sustain a high-performance team.

Step 1 – Recruitment and Selection

Our framework is about effective screening. Our framework takes purposeful actions with candidates based on their strengths, experience, and career development opportunities. If you’re looking for the best fit AND have professional development opportunities, you and our executive coach will explore potential pinch points and opportunities. Whether you are the candidate seeking a position in a new organization or recruiting a leader for your current organization, you’ll be equipped and ready to strategically engage at a deeper level during the selection process.

Step 2 – Onboarding

We have developed a unique Onboarding process that translates into an effective transition plan for the employee and the employer. Both the new employee and employer are aligned and ready to act on day one.

The Onboarding process establishes an action plan that defines clear roles, responsibilities, and direction with a high degree of success when training, mentoring, and accomplishing objectives set by the executive and the organization. A comprehensive plan and actionable items are ready for review within the first 90 days.

Step 3 – Forecasting and Future Development

So how do we ensure effective onboarding and transition? We provide an Assessment and Leadership Forecast Summary, assessing strengths, derailers, and values to plot out and determine future development needs. This will assist the entire team in transition with a higher degree of commitment and connection.  Positive influence and buy-in across the team increase success.  Simply… Effective Leaders Lead Effective Teams.  Forecast the best fit and then optimize your professional and organizational development.

Step 4 – Performance Management

Our high-touch recruitment process assists our executive career coach by engaging with you and the executive team at every stage, providing tactical and performance reviews throughout the transition phase.

As the transition occurs, tactical and performance reviews become more intentional and focused.  As a result, the executive is equipped and applies pre-established strategies.  Shifts within the employees’ development are more fluid and less stressful on the entire team. Trust, communication, and deliverables are met with support, and there is less resistance from the new employee and the entire team.

Step 5 – Cost Control

By measuring an organization’s relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Areas, the organization is more fluid and flexible.  The executive team has a more measured response, controlling the outcome through productivity and realizing profitability because of the intentional actions taken.

We are aware that it’s not a one-size-fits-all plan.

We create tailored strategies based on an employee’s requirement and an organization’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) elements.

Do you like our service offerings? Connect with us to customize your strategies.

You’re only one step away from the climb.

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