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Privacy is a priority in connecting with the world. Yet, in this challenging time when contract tracing is a necessity, can you still keep your privacy? Despite the surging paranoia and fears of many people about contact tracing, yes, you can still maintain your privacy. Diveplane helps control the continuous spread of COVID-19 while keeping your privacy safe.

Diveplane is a startup based in Raleigh. It addresses the issues that people usually have regarding COVID-19 and privacy tracing using their innovative program, Aware. With their AI program, Diveplane believes that privacy protection and contact tracing can improve. The company finds the development of Geminai crucial to them. Diveplane says that Geminai creates an artificial twin dataset that contains similar statistical properties to the original data. Yet, it doesn’t include real-world personal or confidential data.

Venture capital backs Diveplane, but the company’s most notable achievement is that it won first place for its Geminai program at the USB 2019 Future of Financial Challenge.

According to Diveplane, using Geminai helps it address personal privacy while performing contact tracing. People usually choose not to participate in contact tracing because it requires providing personal and family contact information. Every time there’s a pandemic, contact tracing remains a key in preventing the spread of disease. Yet, even back in the 1900s, contact tracing was difficult because everyone wanted to guard their privacy.

Diveplane says that secure contract tracing is a basic need in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Tracing people’s exposure to various diseases is a founded and practiced concept since the beginning of the 1900s. Tracking people who have been exposed to the coronavirus and informing them that they are infected is important to control the disease.

The issue lies in numerous applications and software components that compromise smartphone security and methodology.

Last April, the AP revealed that the concerned individuals have been planning a tradeoff between invading privacy and controlling disease outbreaks using apps. Tech watchdogs and civil liberty groups have advised about these contact tracing apps. They say that companies and governments should not access personal information.

  • Weaken the spread of COVID-19 and lower the number of infected people
  • Alert various public services and contacts about the infections in specific areas
  • Provide information for more effective diagnosis, treatment, and epidemiology

Techwire’s May 2020 report revealed that Diveplane and its partners can ensure all individuals that their

information is safe and accurate.

The Aware app was established on the idea that data privacy and security are a priority. The solution has also been built on that principle. Any data collected doesn’t leave the Iron Bow, which is a private cloud solution structure. This is a classified and secure infrastructure.

Remember that only artificially manufactured data can be used moving forward after the data collection and processing. This assures that the new information cannot be turned into its original form. People just need to trust the companies who assure them that their privacy is, indeed, safe and secure. Do you?



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