Nurse Recruitment

How To Attract and Retain Great Nurses

Right now, the nursing profession is suffering from a very serious shortage. There are, reportedly, 126,000 unfilled nursing positions throughout the United States. Many different approaches are being taken to address the severity of the situation. These include such things as hiring bonuses, increased contracts, foreign recruitment, financial aid for those wishing to become nurses, increased benefits and wages, and lower selection standards.   Many organizations blame the shortage as the major reason that they cannot attract nurses. However, imagine, for a moment, if nurses were so content in their profession that they encourage others to become nurses or even …

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Successful Healthcare Recruiting Has Changed Through Technology

Not that long ago, recruiting for healthcare didn’t require you to do much more than posting and hoping. Recruiters would list jobs and wait for any candidates to respond to the listing. Now, due to industry disruption, talent and HR leaders have been empowered to create more sophisticated recruitment processes that will attract the right candidates. It is more important than ever to find and hire the right people for your organization. Healthcare is seeing more advances in many areas that also have an impact on recruiting. These include data analytics, social media, and technology. You must also take into …

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The Global Nursing Shortage Causative Factors

It’s no secret that there is a global nursing shortage. That shortage is being felt around the world and is adversely impacting healthcare in multiple areas. The International Council of  Nurses undertook a major initiative about 10 years ago that brought some good information to light regarding the nursing shortage as well as some solutions to it. Many of these solutions were implemented and some worked, but the issue is that new problems have arisen that are propelling the nursing shortage well into this century. It is projected that by 2020 the nursing shortage will be even more critical than …

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