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Healthcare Executives

World-class healthcare organizations need World-class talent. Having access to a refined list of healthcare leaders is paramount to a growing organizations growth. Proactive is constantly connecting with premiere, successful C-level talent to help build your organization.

Marketing Executives

Every healthcare organization needs a team that understands how marketing and advertising applies to the growth of their mission. Placing the proper executive level marketing talent will be crucial in the success of your organizations growth. Proactive is connected with the best marketers in the industry.

Sales Executives

Finding the right Sales Executive can be critical to the success of your organization. Retention is even more critical. Proactive finds the most qualified candidates to plug in to your existing team that will be there for the long haul. We find the right person with the right skills and a proven track record.


Nursing, is a very demanding job due to long working hours and abnormal working hours. A lot of nurses shift to another hospital when they get an offer with better working hours. Proactive makes sure that your organization gets qualified nurses who are prepared to join a team with high demand and they stay.

Healthcare IT

There is a constant need for new health care workers throughout the sector. If you're a hospital, practice or an organization that needs help with IT staff, it's a good idea to use a professional and experienced third-party recruiter agency that specializes in your area. Proactive is here for you.

Information Management

Healthcare Information Management Jobs are in high demand, they deal with sensitive information related to patients and they pay well. Proactive can make the difference in building your healthcare information team by actively growing a list of top level talent in the information management field.

Occupational Therapists

We help occupational therapists find the right team to advance their career and enhance the value of the organization. We help place occupational therapists from pediatric to geriatric. We can help with staffing contracts or permanent placement, whichever is the best fit for both you and the organization.

Speech Therapists

We help healthcare facilities find the perfect speech language pathologist for their team. Whether it's a speech therapist for children or adults, Proactive seeks out and places only the most qualified individuals that can effectively handle patients that need help with any speech issue.

Physical Therapists

It's hard work to help a patient recover from an injury. It's equally as hard to find the right person for your team. Proactive finds only the most qualified professional PT candidates that care about your patients. From PT staffing to permanent placement, Proactive is here for you.

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