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We are headhunters serving the Kansas Healthcare Community. We are dedicated to helping your practice or company recruit the right Leadership and staff you need to grow your company and ensure you deliver a high level of care to your patients.

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Healthcare recruiters help qualified candidates find the perfect career based on their education, experience, and credentials. If you’re having a hard time landing a good-paying job, partnering with a reliable healthcare recruiter will improve your chances of securing a successful new career.

With the rise of the demand for professional medical workers and executives, most healthcare companies find it hard to hire, retain, and motivate their team of experts. Most of the workers and executives resign due to various reasons like greener pasture and better work environment and culture. As a healthcare company, it is an alarming process that requires a quick and appropriate solution.

Proactive offers temporary and permanent solutions to healthcare companies in need of qualified candidates. It is also one of the best-recruiting agencies for candidates looking for a new career path. Our services cater to the needs of both candidates and employers in Kansas MO.

We spend a great deal of time screening candidates and applicants to ensure a successful recruiting process. We take time and give our best effort to talk to individuals and conduct interviews, so we get an idea of who we’re hiring. Our trained experts are individuals with organizational skills, focus, and attention to detail. Most importantly, all of our candidates are licensed, with experience and excellent credentials.

As a professional search firm, we see to it you land the best healthcare executive and technical placements. We want to help you save money and time in locating top talents for the current openings in your healthcare company. Rest assured, our candidates are registered and certified medical professionals who will meet your educational, experience, and credential requirements.

We have thousands of candidates interviewed through the phone from nursing practitioners to physicians looking for a healthcare company like yours. Our vast resources is a clear indicator of our experience and reputation as one of the top recruiters and provider of the best candidates in the country.

At Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, we hire the best so we can retain the best workers in the healthcare industry. We are committed to finding the most desirable talents by using our database, relationships, and professional referral sources.

Whether you’re a candidate who wants to succeed or a healthcare company in need of the best candidate available with the right skillset match, we can team up to make it easier for you. Submit a job order today or fill up a job search if you need our help. Contact us and learn more about our recruiting agency!